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Visit the sauna with a child (part 1)

Sauna and children

As you know, hardening young children need to start from the first weeks of life. Of the entire range of tempering procedures doctors recommend pouring cool water after the child's daily bath and receiving air baths. Unfortunately, a sauna as hardening means - often is unfairly bypassed. And for nothing. After all, the temperature difference in the sweating room and outside it, is precisely the factor that, with reasonable use may be a very effective means of training the immune system of the baby (even infants).

At what age can a child use the sauna? Opinions of the doctors in this matter differ. There are both opponents of early dating of children with hot steam, and its adherents.

In any case, a pediatrician with a modern look to the hardening and improvement of children, after examining the baby, in most cases gives its consent to the sauna’s visit, even nursing infants.

Best time to visit the sauna healthy baby – is from the age of three months. The reason is that in the first three months of life in the baby’s body is the final launch of the vital systems and processes, ie, baby fully adapts to the environment.
          Before preparing for the first visit to the sauna take a bath with the child in the adult bathroom, so he got used to the "big water". At the end of each bathing spill it out of the jar with water at a temperature of one degree lower than the temperature of the water in the tub for bathing.

First of all, take care of the mother’s calmness. Take in sauna all you need that during a visit to the sweating room you would not have to look for the diaper or a pacifier. Remember that the baby understands and feels the mood and emotional state of his mother. If the mother is calm, the baby well accepts the heat in the sweating room.
          For those who are going to become a mother - open a little secret: in normal pregnancy sauna can be visited. Besides, it is useful as for mother, as for the baby in the womb. Already he was "trained" at this time.
          After the sauna evaluate the condition of your babe. If he is fast asleep, then a sauna is beneficial to him, but if he is naughty, not eating or crying, then the next time, cut the visit the sweating room.

If very small children peacefully sleep in the sweating room at mother’s hands or breastfeed, kids 2-3 years old most likely run out from sweating room "to breathe" in a few minutes. Here it is necessary to make some creative efforts to prolong their stay in the sweating room, otherwise it visit loses all meaning.
          Find interesting exercise for children in the sweating room. Play in any game (for example, "words"), tell your child an interesting tale. So, take him with something.

To be continued...

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