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Sweet Orange – is evergreen plant of the family Rutaceae (as a bergamot is). It reaches at the height 16 meters.

Initially orange grew on the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain range and only after many centuries spread into other regions and even to other continents of the world. It is assumed that orange was introduced to Europe by Portuguese navigators. Today, orange is grown in almost all the countries of the Mediterranean and in many central U.S. states.

Sweet orange’s essential oil is extracted from peel by pressing. As compared with other essential oils yield of the final product relative to the feedstock are quite high - 1 kilogram of oil is obtained from 50 kilograms of fresh orange peel.

The food industry orange has firmly taken its spot as exquisite fruit from which it turns out well-known orange juice (which, incidentally, it makes orange an economy’s important component of many countries in Asia, Europe and some U.S. states). Oil and dried orange rind (zest), as fragrant spice, are widely used in the confectionery industry. In addition, oranges are used when cooking marmalade, various infusions, jams and liqueurs.

If we consider the medical aspect of the use of orange’s essential oils, then its main purpose - is the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and bladder. However, fruit juice orange contraindicated in peptic ulcer and gastritis. Oranges also have a restorative effect on the human body, activate the immune system and normalize metabolism.

Orange flavor has a pronounced positive psychological effect on people, improves mood. Aromatherapy with orange oil is prescribed for stress, depression and anxiety.

In some countries central Asia orange juice with the addition of egg yolk is used as a means to alleviate the condition of a hangover. Such exposure orange due to the fact that in its composition contains a large amount of different vitamins that improve health after taking large amounts of alcohol.

In the sweating-room fresh orange flavor will be a nice surprise for you.

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