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Honey massage


The effectiveness of honey massage is based on the presence in honey of biologically active substances, which are well accepted by the human skin. Honey, the interaction with the skin, acts absorbent waste and contributes to their removal from the body, stimulates the flow of lymph and blood, which allows its use as an effective tool to combat the effect of "orange peel" - cellulite.

Also, honey massage is used to treat degenerative disc disease, sciatica, sciatica, dystonia and various psychosomatic disorders. In the hands of a skilled master this massage can be an effective means of modulating your figure, because honey can achieve a stable effect firmer skin.

Massage is held in the interval between visits to the sweating room, because the open pores promote the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. To increase the effectiveness of honey massage many masseurs additional use a special cup, with which creates a vacuum effect on the skin. The methodology of this massage is as follows:

Hands in a circular motion apply a sufficient amount of honey on the skin. Then, picking up a cup of medium size, press it to the skin so that the inside of the vacuum - a cup has a little "suck." Next, make a kind of circular motion vacuum massage. From time to time a cup " tear off" and then press down to the body. Hold such massage slowly and thoroughly for 15 minutes. If you have done everything correctly, after the massage it should be observed redness about for half an hour.

Honey massage is held about once or twice a week that skin has time to "rest" from him.

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