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Melissa – is a perennial herb of the family Lamiaceae reaching meter height. Its homeland – is Eastern Mediterranean and the Caucasus. It is now widespread in Europe, Asia and America.

In fresh form is used in some salads and as a condiment for meat and mushroom dishes. In addition, fresh melissa’s leaves are added to almost all kinds of soups and many sauces. In dried melissa’s leaves are added to the sauerkraut and canned tomatoes. Many housewives put the melissa’s leaves into curds and milk, as its peculiar lemon smell refreshes flavor of dairy products. Also melissa is very popular in the tea and stewed fruit, which is not only very tasty, but also useful. Drinks with the addition of melissa improve functioning digestion and soothe the nervous system.

In medicine, the essential oil of melissa is primarily used as a means of relieving spasms and cramps, as the substances contained in the plant, have sedative properties. Melissa is also widely used to improve sleep, treatment of depression, stress and excretion of melancholy.

Another therapeutic direction in which melissa has found its application, is the treatment of diseases of the heart - tachycardia, arrhythmia, to decrease blood pressure.

In folk medicine, melissa is used as a sedative in hysterical states (especially in women). Strong tea with the inclusion of melissa, or an infusion of it, could not be better soothe excited nervous system of the modern woman. Especially if such tea melissa drink after a sauna.

When using melissa’s essential oil directly into the sweating room, should be followed the recommended dosage, as an excess in the pair may lead to a decrease of blood pressure and general lethargy.

The melissa’s aroma well combines with the flavors of ginger, rosewood and geranium.

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