The sauna «VIS» in Kiev block Poznyaki
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Hemlock - conifer, widely used in Asia and North America (especially in Canada).

Despite the fact that the hemlock belongs to the pine family, it contains almost no wood resin, although it has a pleasant pine scent.

Products from hemlock are durable, thanks to a high resistance to the damaging environmental factors (humidity, temperature, fungal infections, parasites). According to some reports durability wood hemlock is 300 to 900 years, which is two to four times more than most other types of wood.

When using hemlock panels as a facing material for interior and exterior can not worry about maintaining the appearance of your house, sauna or gazebo. Hemlock withstands a fierce frost and high temperatures in the sweating room. Any deformation cracks and crevices in the wood you will not see.

Wood hemlock is virtually no knots and resin pockets, has a homogeneous structure and a beautiful textured annual rings. Hemlock color finished panels varies from light cream to brownish, which can combine with each other panels of different colors to create a unique design in a sweating room of tracks that are now very fashionable.

Using a hemlock panels for facing sweating room, you get not only beautiful and durable, but also finished room for aromatherapy. In smelling needles wood hemlock contains a large amount of essential oils that are used as the basis for the preparation of Canada balsam, antiseptic and healing wounds, known to the world.

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