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Bath on the nature or hiking bath

Hiking bath

One of the most amazing varieties of baths is a hiking bath.

In Russia, hiking baths are known since Tsar Peter the Great. In those days hiking bath was extremely simplified structure: in the extended awning of dense material were people who splashed water on the red-hot in the fire cannonballs. And so sweat: in the woods, on the shores of the seas and rivers. Modern hiking bath has remained almost unchanged. Only the steel core was switched to usual stones.

These baths can be arranged in improvised camping trips, during outings.

In order to build a hiking bath must have any frame and windproof (it is important) stuff. This material may well serve as a regular polyethylene. If it is not in stock, then fit a standard awning tent. However, in order to ensure proper insulation, conventional tent may be enough. But if a tour group there are two tents with tents of various sizes, then installing one inside the other tent can be achieved quite acceptable windproof and thermal insulation.

Floor in a bath can be covered with a thick layer of deciduous trees’ branches.

So, erecting a room for bathing it is necessary to start preparing source of heat and sweating, that is, the heater. In a hiking bath, this will require large rocks, preferably with rounded edges and a lot of wood. The idea is that from the outside to a fire which heated stones, after which they are entered in the "sweating-room" and already there they watered, receiving steam. In the sweating-room better to dig a small hole for hot stones, and cover the stones listed fresh pine lapnikom. So stones will be cool slowly. The time required for optimal heating stones is approximately two hours.

Ideally, the hiking bath is located near the basin or the river, where it would be cool to dive.

Believe me, a bath in the nature will leave you totally unforgettable experience and will be remembered for many years.

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