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Jasmine - is curly bush of olive family, come to us from Asia. To date, jasmine is grown in Spain, France, Italy, on the Black Sea coast and in Egypt.

Jasmine oil has a high value because of the difficulty separation and also manufacturers of perfumes have a high demand to it (it is used in elite perfume). Essential oil is extracted using chemical solvents. One ton of the feedstock is obtained only 1 kilogram of final product.

Jasmine essential oil was a symbol of love in the East, and, as research is shown, not in vain. The active substances, contained in oil, stimulate sexual desire, treat impotence and frigidity.

In many provinces of China jasmine flowers are an integral part of the tea ceremony (flowers are added directly to tea). This is due to the fact that Jasmine has anti-stress effects on the human psyche and improves muscle tone.

Jasmine also increases the production of milk for pregnant women and stabilizes the hormonal status.

Jasmine essential oil is used to treat nerve dermatological manifestations, eczema, stress, paranoia, depression.

Important note: jasmine oil is used only externally, as it can remain toxic substances - the remnants of oil separation.

Also avoid excessive flavoring premises where people are long time (eg bedroom). Strong smell of jasmine often leads to headache.

In the sweating-room jasmine essential oil should be used carefully, preferably in mixtures with other oils. Jasmine blends well with the flavors of citrus, rose, sage, lavender, chamomile, juniper, ylang-ylang and cedar.

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