The sauna «VIS» in Kiev block Poznyaki
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Sauna stones

Sauna stones

All of us bath is associated with the red-hot loft and steam rising from the stove. Do you know that the stones, on which you splash water, are not ordinary stones? But there are specially selected high-stones with a very high heat.

Each of these stones, before the sale, tested for strength. Red-hot sauna stones and dipped in cold water. Of course, those who crack rejected.

There are basically used for saunas - Jadeite (mined in the Urals), gabbro-diabase (Karelia) and talkohlorit (Finland, Karelia).

Form of stones for the oven is also of considerable importance.

Stones are picked for stoves round because when laying these stones provide improved air circulation between sweating-room and heating oven compartment.

To change the stones need about once time every three or four years. And to clean and shift - once a year (at least).

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