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Wild salvia grows in Asia Minor and, to a lesser extent, in the Mediterranean countries. In other regions, almost does not occur except in the countries that use artificial cultivation on a small scale. Among the countries of the former CIS salvia engaged in the cultivation of Ukraine, the Caucasus and Moldova.

Salvia is a perennial shrub belonging to the Labiatae family with a strong, aromatic odor and pungent taste. Shrub reaches a height of 70 centimeters.

It has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect, due to the content in the leaves of salvia essential oils and tannins.

The essential oil of salvia is clearly marked flavor that is similar to the aromas of citrus, amber and musk . This factor has led to the use of salvia in the food industry as an aromatic additives. Salvia is added to flavor certain varieties of cheese, sausalvias, fish, tea, alcoholic drinks and confectionery. Also, a number of expensive tobaccos are flavored of salvia.

It is necessary to say a few words about the salvia, as entheogenic plants. Entheogens called the plants that have the ability to change the mind. So, smoking the dried salvia can lead a person to insanity and hallucinations. At the same time, the active hallucinogenic substance salvia - diterpene is not included in the list of materials whose circulation is controlled by the state, ie, is absolutely legal. In this regard, in recent years in the Internet a large number of websites offer to buy salvia prepared for smoking.

In medicine, salvia is used primarily in the forms of alcohol tinctures, infusions at boiling water and inhaled.

The indications for the use of drugs salvia are diseases of the upper respiratory tract, skin lesions, sores (including burns and frostbite). It also has the ability to enhance the secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract, therefore salvia is prescribed as an adjunct in the treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

Using of salvia in the sweating room cleanses the skin and cure dandruff.

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