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Modern hammams

History of the Turkish bath varieties - hammam, goes back in the distant past. It is believed that hammams due to its appearance more Roman baths, which in some parts of the world remains popular today. Principles of functioning Turkish baths are significantly different from Russian. There is no usual to us heaters. Hammams heated due to the original "floor and wall heating, the role of the heating elements which carry the hot air pipes laid under the premises of the rooms. The steam from the pipes through the holes served in the room. A source of steam - is a vat of water, located in a separate house.

First Turkish bath appeared in Constantinople and from there spread rapidly in Muslim countries.

After spending some time with a visit hammams Muslims began to equate the concept of spiritual and physical cleansing and bath themselves become the center of social life, which resolved many issues.

Hammams were in the shape of the octagonal room with a swimming-pool, called - room for sweating to the wall which adjoined the room with more and more heat. Steaming began with a temperature of 50 degrees and gradually, moving from room to room, the man reached up to 130 degrees Celsius. At the end of the steaming it went into the hands of an experienced masseur who massages the entire body.

Today hammams are somewhat simplified structure. They consist of a large room - dressing rooms, separate room with a swimming-pool or a font, shower room with cold shower and wet room for sweating, the temperature at which varies around 60 degrees. This such a relatively low temperature with high humidity, is a core value of Turkish baths, as it allows people to visit hammams have contraindications to conventional bath or sauna.

People who go to hammams for the first time, in order to get maximum enjoyment from bathing and benefits, must know the correct algorithm for visiting hammams.

So, first you get into a special room for undressing. In the changing room at the hammam proper temperature is maintained around 30 degrees Celsius. This is done in order to pre-heat the visitor. Then you're going to chebek - common room hammams, where the temperature is slightly higher - about 50 degrees. Further, if desired, you can visit the adjacent rooms hotter with temperatures - 70, 90 and 130 degrees.

After that you enjoy a steaming, followed by a massage. Besides it is not just a massage, but Turkish special foam body massage, ending a rough wash mitt (wash mitt acts as a scrub). Complete the visit of Turkish baths swim in the swimming-pool with cool water and the subsequent relaxation.

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