The sauna «VIS» in Kiev block Poznyaki
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Light therapy in the sauna

Light therapy in the sauna

Light therapy is one of the newest tools for modeling the human immune system and the normalization of the body’s internal processes.

This preventive method is to human exposure by light waves of different frequencies and intensities. These light waves, falling on a person's skin, immediately begin to interact with it, being transformed into heat and chemical energy. Also, the light falling on the retina of the eye, improves and stabilizes the operation of body’s certain systems.

The main part that the light waves are influenced - is the pineal gland. It is responsible for the secretion of melatonin - a hormone regulating the function of human’s internal biological clock.

That's because light therapy is very effective to eliminate seasonal disorders in women and associated depression. Also, this method of treatment is used to combat insomnia and relief of premenstrual syndrome.

The most widely spread light therapy received in the northern part of Europe, the U.S. and Canada. This is due to lack of sunlight that residents of northern part of the planet have. And 30 minutes of light therapy with the use of light, similar to sunlight, can improve mood and well-being for two or three days.

Although light therapy is a medical procedure applicable in hospitals and clinics, it has also found its application in the sauna. Saunas light therapy is implemented using special equipment - heat resistant colored lamps and electronic control unit. The most popular and well-known manufacturer – is Finnish firm Harvia.

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