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Bath massage broom

Банный массаж двумя вениками

It is well known that the bath has the ability to rejuvenate and heal the human body. One of the nice and, not afraid of this word, the necessary procedures, relieving amateur Russian bath from various ailments and improve all body systems, is a massage bath broom.

Bath massage using a broom hardwood is an art. In ancient Russia highly esteemed and valued good attendants - people who thoroughly knew the sequence and technique whiping "client" by broom in the bath.

Below, we consider the basic techniques of sweating, which are used in the bath attendant.

Broom should be lowered into the bowl of ice water, and then, making a circular motion like fanning, "drive" on the body hot steam. Synthesis of cold water’s drops and hot steam creates absolutely incredible feeling on the skin. This hot-cold rain is an effective way to remove the main muscle fatigue.

It is carried out after the bath rain. Hot broom is placed on the upper back (near the neck) and, clutching the back, wipe the body down.

Bath rain and searing rubdown alternately are performed several times.

There is sweating technique using two brooms together. Whip by brooms is begun simultaneously on both sides, going from the head to the feet. The essence of the technique is reduced to a gentle hot air on the body. Brooms gain it when a tray in front of cotton high to the ceiling, where the highest temperature in the sweating room. 1-2 minutes of such a double slap give a new experience full of life and inner freedom. Feel every cell of the body, the mind seemed to hover at a height away from negative thoughts.

Reception is performed with enough steam in the sweating room. One broom need to grab the hot steam from the ceiling sweating room and put it back to the "client". Second broom need to press the top to the back up to 20 seconds. Thus, alternating brooms, need to walk of them through the body. Particular attention should be paid to problem areas (buttocks, back, knee) and existing muscle terminals.

The end of the bath massage should be carried out properly, gradually calming the body, affected by this powerful thermal influences. The first step is to conduct a double wiping broom front of the body, and then repeat the previous procedure, with less intensity, treating only the chest and legs. To avoid excessive heat stroke and heart, sometimes refresh dipped in cold water brooms, applying them to your chest and face.

On the last setting is made to sweat without a broom, enjoying the influence of dry steam.

Enjoy your bath!

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