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Visit the sauna with a child (part 2)

Children in the sauna

We continue our article about the secrets of the useful and safe visit the sauna with a child.

As practice shows, six years old children enjoy visiting the sauna, in the event that they bring to the preparation and conduct of the ritual bath. Instruct your child to collect slippers, hats and towels for the whole family (if you use the sauna as a family), to those who follow the older, assign the residence time in the sweating room adults or carefully pour water from a bucket stone in the oven.
          For children of this age will be useful to have a excursion of the sauna and explain where things are and which acts as. Be sure to read the precautions for a child when you are in the sauna.

Also it will be interesting for the children to draw a parallel to your visit sauna with a reference to the Russian folk tales ("the Beautiful Vasilisa ", "Ivasik Telesyk," etc.)

When visiting a sauna with children should be aware of the basic rules of safety in the sauna:

1. Taking a sweating room for the first of life will be the best to do one cycle of sweating, ie: sweating room (bottom bunk) - pouring water at room temperature - rest.
          2. The optimum temperature in the sweating room for children between 60 and 80 degrees Celsius, with humidity not to exceed 10 percent.
          3. The residence time in the sweating room – is a minute for infants, two or three minutes for older children, and five minutes for 5-6 year old children.
          4. After entering the sweating room with a view of hardening, spray the kids with cool water. In no case icy. Snowdrift, cold shower or a hole – are fun for adults only.
          5. Do not forget to give your child drink between sweating. After all, the body loses with sweat a lot of fluids, the stock of which must be replenished.
          6. Look carefully for the child's condition in the sauna.

In young children the thermoregulatory system of the body starts to work effectively only six to eight months to live. Therefore, pale forehead, cheeks and nose, the infant regards as a danger signal - heat stroke. In older children, symptoms of heat stroke are headache, dizziness, and suddenly appeared weakness.
          When heat stroke should immediately withdraw the child from the sweating room, give him cool drinks, put a wet towel and cover.

We want to tell you about the basic rules of successful sauna accompanied by children at the conclusion of the article. Do not hesitate to show your pleasure bath treatment, and the kids will always be ardent admirers of the sauna.

Good luck to you!

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