The sauna «VIS» in Kiev block Poznyaki
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Sauna’s impact on the health

Sauna and your health

Essential preventive factor in the sauna is certainly warm. Moreover, unlike other thermal treatments, the heat effects in the sauna by a complex, in almost all organs and body systems.

Stay in the bath or sauna can warm up not only the upper layers of the skin, but also the internal organs. With long-term warming of the capillaries and larger vessels widen, which leads to increased blood flow and intense conclusion of metabolic products (toxins) from the body. The internal organs are washed with fresh, oxygenated, the blood, which improves their performance.

Vasodilatation in the sweating room and subsequent sharp decline in output from it (swimming-pool, cool showers and snow) has another positive side.

Such "gymnastics" of the cardiovascular system the systematic of the sauna can accustom the body to changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature. That is, you forget what a headache and stop colds from hypothermia.

Sauna has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. Deep heat helps to relax the muscles, which in everyday life are in constant tension. This is especially true for the back muscles located around the waist and spine. Muscle tension in these areas often prevents normal circulation, which negatively affects the cartilage intervertebral disks. A provision of the normal circulation of the blood is reduced the risk of degenerative disc disease and keep their elasticity.

Also should note the positive impact of the sauna on people with chronic lung diseases. As a conservative treatment of lung disease, a sauna is very effective as well hot air sweating room thins and eliminate phlegm from the lungs. By the way, this sauna’s feature will be great and for heavy smokers.

And in the end, a sauna just gives a good mood.

Bathe on the health!

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