The sauna «VIS» in Kiev block Poznyaki
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Foam massage

Foam massage

Foam massage is widely distributed in Asia and becomes increasingly popular in Europe. It is included in the mandatory list of services provided by Turkish baths hammams (also it is called Turkish massage).

This massage is carried out on the heated stone slab. Massage is an intense grinding of the patient rough mitt woven from wool. From time to time the patient is poured hot water and special soap’s fluid containing olive oil (this fluid allows for a long time to cover all of the client's body with foam). The purpose of this rubbing – is removing dead skin particles, that is actually peeling. When the massage is held excluded percussion techniques and jerks, as muscle tissue are relaxed and are easily hurt.

Time holding foam massage is about 30-40 minutes, although some salond, on request, can stretch it, and for an hour or two.

After the massage, the patient takes a shower and has the opportunity to swim in a cool swimming-pool. All procedure completes ritual of tea drinking.

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