The sauna «VIS» in Kiev block Poznyaki
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The heart of every sauna – is a sweating-room.

Our sweating-room is decorated by Siberian alder, birch family tree, ideal for trimming the sauna and having a nice yellow.

Heating provides a Finnish company elektric heater "Harvia", that allows you to recruit and retain the heat to 125 degrees Celsius. The furnace used specially processed stones that have high rates of accumulation and heat transfer, and provide air circulation between sweating-room and heating compartment oven.

The door of the sweating-room is made of wood with built-in heat resistant tinted glass.

In the sweating-room is provided a bucket tub to create steam, as well as special boards for a comfortable stay at the hot bunk.

The sweating-room

Before entering the sweating-room

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