The sauna «VIS» in Kiev block Poznyaki
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Bath broom

Birch broom

One of the oldest traditions of bathing in Russia is to use birch broom. In the sweating room such broom beat each other and catching up heat on bunk.

Bath broom has a number of properties that make it virtually indispensable when you visit a sweating room. These are:

         - beating broom further improves the blood circulation in the skin and cleanses pores, removes it from toxins;

         - birch leaves contain volatile, substances destroy microbes, ie broom has an antiseptic effect on the skin. Heals abscesses, abrasions, scratches;

- All of the above properties of the broom can slow down aging of the skin. At regular visits bath with a broom you will feel fresh and look much younger than your years;

         - Essential oils in the leaves of birch have another healing properties. When inhaled, they expand the bronchial tubes, which contribute to more intensive ventilation. This is very useful for smokers and asthmatics;

         - A broom also serves as a "fan" that even more injects heat in the sweating room.

Unfortunately, for reasons of fire safety, the use of brooms in our sauna is not welcomed.

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