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Fir – is a tree pine family. It can reach 40 meters in height. It is widespread in the central and northern regions of the Eurasian continent, as well as in Central America.

A wide area of distribution fir is caused it endurance and unpretentious. So, according to some, fir is able to withstand temperatures down to minus seventy degrees. The tree is very undemanding to soil and environmental levels. It grows well even in the central areas of large cities. The only important condition for good growth fir – is a high level of illumination.

Fir wood is widely used in industry. Window and door frames marketable container, part of wooden prefabricated houses, wooden piles, pillars, furniture are made by it.

One of the most valuable properties of some species of fir is their suitability for the production of biofuels - ethanol, a substance capable of substitute fuels such as diesel, gasoline, etc.

Fir is get rosin, turpentine, camphor and essential oils, which are widely used as an aid in the treatment of many diseases.

Thus, fir oil is used in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, various joint diseases, prevention and treatment of respiratory viral infections, bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia. Also, oil is used to treat certain heart diseases (strictly under medical supervision).

Fir oil is used for massage. In this case it is very effectively eliminates muscle and joint pain. In addition, the scent of fir has an invigorating effect on the psyche, making it an effective tool for the removal of depression.

Contraindications to treatment fir oil are the tendency to convulsions and seizures.

For a healthy person a wide range of preventive effect of fir oil flavor makes it an indispensable application as inhalations, including during bath procedures.

In the sweating room fir’s scent is perfectly combined with all citrus, myrtle, eucalyptus and mint.

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