The sauna «VIS» in Kiev block Poznyaki
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Alcohol and sauna

Alcohol in the sauna

Deep-rooted tradition of the Russian people, unfortunately, is the use in a bath or sauna a lot of alcohol. Moreover it has no clear preference. Someone drinks vodka, some beer, and some brandy.

Numerous studies of the alcohol’s properties are suggested that drinking any alcohol in the bath or sauna - is a huge health risk, and sometimes for life.

The mechanism of the alcohol’s damaging effect is simple. The blood vessels dilate in the sauna, which would increase the heat of the body, and the alcohol intake contributes to more severe, critical vasodilation. The chance of internal bleeding dramatically increases.

And if such bleeding occurs in the brain, and the person will be in the sweating room or the swimming pool, you can not escape trouble.

In addition, alcohol along with again high temperature in the sweating room increases the heart rate (due to dehydration), which can lead to a heart attack.

You can not discount the possibility corny slipping on a wet floor. All people, at least once tried alcohol, are known the feeling of mild disorientation that comes even as a result of the use of light alcohol. Poor coordination in the sauna can lead to serious injury (injuries from a fall, burns the body, etc).

We hope that the next time visiting the sauna you will think twice, what would be useful and safe, brandy or tea?

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