The sauna «VIS» in Kiev block Poznyaki
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Scotch pine

Scotch pine

Scots pine – is evergreen coniferous tree growing to 40 meters in height and grows in the Northern Hemisphere. Under favorable conditions, the life of the light-demanding tree can be up to 500 years. Scotch pine is particularly prevalent in Asia, Russia, and of adjoining states.

Pine is used in many sectors of the economy and the industry, from the manufacture of furniture and finishing chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Prepared from pine turpentine, pine oil, coal tar, rosin, glue, cellulose, flavoring, and some other nutrients.

In addition to the use of economic, pine is used for decorative purposes in the creation of parks and landscaped parks.

In medicine widely adopted inhalation and decoctions of pine buds, extracts of pine needles and even pine pollen.

Pine decoctions are used as an expectorant in bronchitis, tonsillitis, acute respiratory and other lung diseases, mainly due to the presence of pine buds, needles and bark, volatile production. Also noted the ability of pine sap output skin eczema and lichen.

Tree pollen that is collected in the spring, has immunostimulatory effects on the human body. It is used as a food additive biological after surgical procedures and prolonged severe illness.

Turpentine, which is derived from pine wood, has long been used to relieve pain from various origins neuralgia, sciatica, rheumatism, joint pain and arthritis.

For many will be the opening of the fact that most of the amber, are nothing like the frozen resin of ancient ancestors of modern pine. So, despite the widespread pine, a tree, to a certain extent can be called aristocratic.

The use of an aqueous solution of pine oil in the sauna, allows to create in sweating room that special atmosphere of old pine forest, which is familiar to all of us since childhood.

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